Android Car Home

I do a lot of “fooling around” with my Sprint EVO smartphone.  I have rooted it, installed custom ROM’s (operating system software), tweaked settings, installed different kernels, and even flashed new/test radios and such.  While it is a lot of fun, it can be very frustrating sometimes.  My most recent frustration (that I spent way too much time on) was related to Car Home.  Car Home is an application that is supposed to launch when my smartphone (and many other android models) are docked in a car dock.  However, the other day my EVO started randomly launching Car Home and then randomly closing it.  It would turn on, I would exit out of it, and then it would go away for a while only to come back again.  I thought for sure this must be caused by something I had recently done to the device such as installing a new app or flashing a GPS fix that I had used to get the navigation working properly again.  So, two hours of deleting files, formatting SD cards, flashing new mods, and restoring apps later and I realize that it isn’t software.  It turns out that Car Home is triggered either by a magnet coming into proximity with a certain portion of the device or by a special pin on the micro usb port.  In my case it was the micro usb pin activating when it shouldn’t.  So the final fix simply required plugging in a micro usb cable and pressing up and down on it to flex the pins just enough to force the Car Home pin to disengage.  Since doing that Car Home hasn’t launched once.  Go figure.

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